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"What should I expect from my neurosurgery consultation?"


The thought of them operating on me is terrifying enough. What else should I expect?


The neurosurgery consultation prior to survey is an important time for you to discuss any questions that you may have regarding the procedure that you are to be undergoing, as well as discuss the risks, benefits, alternatives, and personnel that will be involved with your procedure. You should discuss intraoperative and postoperative pain control, and whether they believe that you require a special evaluation with a pain specialist. This will vary depending on the type of surgery you are having done and the amount of pain that is expected for you to have after the surgery.

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It is important that you are open during this consultation as this is the time to get any concerns you have out on the table. This may include who will be performing the procedure, if residents or physician assistants will be involved. This also includes what are the surgeon's outcomes for this procedure, what are the general risks and what are the biggest complications he has seen. In general, for most procedures, the big risks include bleeding, infection and damage to surrounding neurological structures. Depending on the procedure, there are usually percentages associated with these along with all other risks that may be involved in your procedure.

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