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"Can they say if a brain tumor is 100% gone at a neurosurgery follow up?"


A dear friend had her (benign) brain tumor removed recently. She's about to have this followup, so will we finally know about the results with 100% cetrainty?


There are a lot of questions that would help with answer this question better. What type of benign brain tumor did your friend have and where was is located along the brain? Has she had any imaging studies after the mass was removed. This is usually done during the first or second day after surgery as this is the best time to evaluate the brain before the postoperative swelling takes place? What were the discussions prior to surgery with her and her surgeon regarding whether the plan was to remove all the tumor or debulk the tumor? These are all important questions to know and to discuss with her neurosurgeon.

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It is very important that she see her neurosurgeon and discuss these questions with him or her because the neurosurgeon will be the best at knowing what the expected residual tumor bulk would be. Many times, especially with benign tumors, the goal of surgery is to debunk the tumor in a safe manner rather than remove the entire tumor, because there are other options available such as radio surgery that can treat any residual tumor in a safe manner. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to discuss this with her neurosurgeon.

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