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"Is a non-surgical consultation needed if I want to have a mole removed?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a non-surgical consultation needed if I want to have a mole removed?


I am a 29 year old woman and I've had this mole forever. Can I just speak to my dermatologist about it or do I need a non-surgical consultation?


Dermatologists are skin specialists and they have the most experience with examining moles. In fact, it is most important to have a dermatologist examine any skin lesion (especially new or changing moles) in order to provide you with the correct diagnosis (i.e., what we call a mole may be something else). Dermatologists can help you decide if a mole needs to be removed for medical reasons. If you would like to remove a mole for cosmetic reasons, a dermatologist can also help advise you as to who should remove it. Dermatologists are trained to remove moles. However within the field of dermatology there are sub-specialties such as dermatologic surgeons (i.e., medically trained dermatologists who pursue extra training in surgery). However, it does depend on the size and the location of the mole is and how comfortable a dermatologist feels with removing the mole. If the location of the mole is in an area that requires more surgical expertise, your regular medical dermatologist may refer you to see a dermatologic surgeon or a plastic surgeon. Your dermatologist may want to examine you prior to the excision for the reasons mentioned above.

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