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"How can I fix a deviated septum?"


It is causing problems and causing me to snore. What?s involved in treatment.


Deviated septum are extremely common. In fact, just about everyone has a deviated septum to some extent, though many are not even noticed by the person that has one. When a septum becomes overly deviated, it can cause problems with breathing.

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For some patients, the deviated septum looks aesthetically unpleasing to them. This can be an indication to have it fixed. It sounds like your septum is deviated to an extent that it is effecting your breathing at night. Unfortunately, the only way to have this fixed is to undergo an operation. The operation will involve breaking your septum, realigning it, and allowing it to heal at a central position. If you believe that you need to have this fixed, then I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an ear nose an throat doctor. He or she will be able to evaluated your septum and determine what procedure is most likely to give you relief with the fewest operational side effects. After reviewing all the risks and benefits of the surgery, you can make a decision about what you want to do. In some instances, the ear nose and throat doctor will defer the operation to a plastic surgeon. Good luck with your evaluation.

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