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"What are some dangers of rhinoplasty?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some dangers of rhinoplasty?


Can the procedure go wrong? What are the success rates?


Rhinoplasty is an elective procedure. It is performed to change the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance of the nose, to improve the function of the nose, to repair congenital defects, after trauma, etc. It is usually performed by ear, nose and throat surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and general plastic surgeons. There are risks associated with every procedure that is performed in medicine. 10-15% of rhinoplasties require revision work at some point. It is typical to wait at least 1 year before performing revisions. The risks associated with rhinoplasty include bleeding, infection, and the risks that are associated with general anesthesia. One of the complications associated with rhinoplasty is polly beak deformity which means that the appearance of the end of the nose appears like that of a parrot's beak. Another complication is retracted and notched ala. There can also be complications that involve the skin of the middle part of the nose that meets the upper lip. Saddling is also a complication that occurs when too much of the bridge of the nose is removed. There can also be nasal obstruction following rhinoplasty that continues after full recovery. It is important to discuss the risks of the procedure with your physician so that you are informed prior to the procedure. If you have concerns about these complications discuss that with your physician.

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