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"Am I too old to have a nose job?"

ZocdocAnswersAm I too old to have a nose job?


I am 64 but I would like to change the shape of my nose. Is this dangerous at my age?


Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job, is a relatively common corrective surgery procedure. I would recommend that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon. In addition, a consultation with your primary care condition would be required. A nose job is a relatively minor procedure in terms of stress to the body. With any procedure, we worry about the stress level that the surgery, and the needed anesthesia, can have on the heart, lungs etc. While a minor procedure, the state of your health needs to be considered. Talk with your primary care doctor if you (especially your heart) is healthy enough for it. A consultation with the plastic surgeon is also important. In general, nose jobs can be more difficult at an advanced age. The skin takes longer to heal and the bone is sometimes harder to align properly as it is thinner in advanced age. That being said, it is still possible. With any procedure, there is a risk. Infection, bleeding, bad reaction to anesthesia etc are all possible. What needs to be done by you, your primary doctor and your plastic surgeon is quantify the risk. This risk needs to be weighed against what benefit you think this will provide to your life. Good luck!

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