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"Is a nutrition consultation an essential part of losing weight?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a nutrition consultation an essential part of losing weight?


Can I do it without one? I just want to run and lift weights, but my girlfriend thinks I don't know what I'm doing. I've never had a very healthy weight.


Whether or not you get a nutrition consultation as a part of a weight loss plan depends on a few factors. These factors should be discussed with your doctor before deciding on whether to see a dietitian. Weight loss can be an extremely challenging endeavor for many people. However, at its core, weight loss is very simple. In order to lose weight, you must consume less calories than you burn. All weight loss programs that are successful have that in common. A dietitian can be very helpful at showing you foods that you can eat that are low in calories, but high in other nutrients that you need. Since calories consumed is the hardest side of the equation to modify, a dietitians can be a valuable consultant when it comes to losing weight. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you can discuss your weight loss plan and decide on a combination of diet and exercise that will help accelerate the process. Some primary care physicians like to get dietitians to consult on all their patients that are trying to lose weight and others like to wait and monitor their patient's success first. It also depends on your doctors comfort with giving you weight loss advice, and it depends on how much weight you plan on losing. Good luck.

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