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"Is an ocular pathology consultation needed for people with bad eye spasms?"

ZocdocAnswersIs an ocular pathology consultation needed for people with bad eye spasms?


I've been reading a lot online, and I keep coming back to this particular type of consultation. Is it overkill? Should I just see my primary care doctor?


Some important questions to consider include have you always had these eye spasms and if so, have they worsened recently? Do you have the appropriate amount of sleep at night? Do you drink a great deal of coffee or caffeinated beverages? Have you noticed any problems with your eyesight? Do these eye spasms occur in both eyes at the same time or just one eye? These questions, along with your medical history and presenting symptoms will be very helpful when you discuss these concerns with your primary care doctor. He or she will be able to best evaluate the symptoms you are having and along with the other information decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include lab tests, imaging studies or perhaps even a referral to a specialist for further work up. There are many reasons to have eye spasms, and the list is beyond the scope of this discussion. One possibility is that this could be a totally normal finding, but again, it is very important that you discuss this with your primary care doctor because he or she will be able to decide upon the work up that may need to be done.

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