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"Will I find out whether they can remove my tumor at my ocular tumor consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I find out whether they can remove my tumor at my ocular tumor consultation?


If they cannot remove the tumor, what will they do?


There are many kinds of masses, or tumors, that can be found in any part of the body, even the eye. The first steps to treating the masses is to determine what they are and how they are affecting the patient. The answers to these questions will then dictate not only the prognosis (or what your doctor will predict will occur in the future, based on whatever data may be available from similar patients with similar tumors), but also the treatment. Obviously, ocular tumors involve regions of the body that are very important to your well being. For this reason, removal of the mass can sometimes come at a serious cost, possibly even including eye sight in that eye. It is therefore imperative that your surgeon understand what is happening with the mass. In general, the first consultation will be an information gathering session. Your doctor may have additional tests, in addition to a physical exam that he or she will perform. After this testing is complete, which may require a second appointment, treatment options are often discussed. For those tumors that require removal or treatment but are not able to safely be surgically removed, there are other options, such as radiation, that can be helpful. Please speak to your doctor.

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