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"Is an oculoplastic surgery consultation required if I want to have my tear ducts fixed?"


My tear ducts keep leaking and I want them fixed. Is this the right type of consultation?


Problems with one's eyes can be extremely frustrating. If you have not yet met with an ophthalmologist, this is probably the best place to start. He or she can do a thorough evaluation of your eyes and make sure that there aren't any additional issues that should be addressed beyond your concerns about your tear ducts.

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In some cases there are non-surgical options i.e. in-office procedures that can be tried to address concerns about the tear ducts, and this may be able to keep you from undergoing surgery. If it turns out that the best way to address your concerns about your tear ducts is, in fact, surgical correction, an ophthalmologist will be the best person to refer you to the appropriate surgical specialist. In addition, seeing a general eye specialist before a very specialized kind of surgeon may be helpful for both your pre-operative evaluation as well as insurance coverage of the procedure. It is also important to remember that with any kind of elective surgery, there can be not insignificant risks involved with the procedure. It can be very helpful for your peace of mind to be referred to a surgical specialists by a physician with whom you already have a trusted relationship.

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