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Is it normal for my eyes to itch at my oculoplastic surgery follow up?

They itched before the surgery and now they itch after. When will they stop itching? I'm in my late 20s and it was basically cosmetic surgery.
Things to consider in regards to your itchy eyes include do you have any redness or dryness in your eyes? Do you have any history of allergies? Has the itchiness changed or worsened since the surgery? Have you had any discharge from your eyes or pain with blinking? These are important questions to discuss with the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure as he or she will need to know the answers to these questions to decide upon what the next step is in regards to work up and possible treatment if this is indicated. It is important to remember that it is not uncommon to notice some itchiness from the incision site after any surgery and this is just the feelings that you experience as the skin heals, so this may indeed be a normal finding. Of course, because you have had surgery, there are more concerning things that this could be and so the best person to evaluate you for these symptoms would be the surgeon who performed the surgery. If your surgeon does not find anything concerning, then you should consider being evaluated by an ophthalmologist because this may be unrelated to the surgery but still something that should be evaluated.
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