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"Will oncology surgery leave a huge scar?"

ZocdocAnswersWill oncology surgery leave a huge scar?


They are removing a tumor in my breast and I am worried about scarring. I haven't really had the energy before to think about the cosmetic side, but I'm starting to worry as the date approaches.


I am sorry to hear that you are having to have a mass removed from your breast, and hope that all goes well. Fortunately, many patients are able to have an excellent recovery from breast procedures, which is why we are able to talk about the cosmetic aspects of breast surgery. In general, and depending on the size of the mass that needs to be removed (as well as other details including what the mass is and whether or not it has spread), simple lumpectomies (or surgery just to remove a mass) can have excellent cosmetic outcomes. Again, this will depend on the size and also what the objective of the surgery is. If the mass is known or thought to be a cancer, than your surgeon will likely be more aggressive in removing the full burden of the tumor, even if that comes at the price of some extra cosmetic insult. For that reason, you should speak with him or her before the procedure to understand what the goal of the surgery is and discuss your concerns about cosmesis. It is a very reasonable question, and your doctor would appreciate hearing your understanding and desires for the procedure.

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