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"Is an ophthalmic oncology consultation the same as an ocular oncology consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersIs an ophthalmic oncology consultation the same as an ocular oncology consultation?


How are they different? Which one is recommended in which situation? How do I know if my son has been correctly advised for the first one?


Yes, ophthalmic oncology consultation is the same as an ocular oncology consultation. One just sounds fancier than another. Ophthalmic/ocular means "of the eye" and oncology is the study of tumors and cancer. So the recommendation is that a physician has discovered something in your son's eye suspicious for a tumor and is recommending that you have an expert evaluate it. In either case, they will be examining your son's eyeball, socket, and the back of his eye as well as the optic nerve in all likelihood. Without knowing any of the specifics of your son's case, I can't really discuss what they will be looking for or why you were advised to have this evaluation in the first place. It may be a concern for a retinoblastoma (which is by far the most common tumor of the eye in a child) or medulloepithelioma (far rarer), or a tumor that has spread to the eye from some other part of the body where it began. The bottom line is that yes, the words ophthalmic and ocular and for the most part synonymous. You should make an appointment with a specialist so that they can fully evaluate it and recommend treatment options.

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