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"What does an ophthalmic pathology evaluation entail?"


How do they check my eyes out?


An ophthalmic pathology consultation is performed by an ophthalmologist (also known as an eye doctor). This is not to be confused with an optometrist. An optometrist is someone who performs vision tests and can prescribe eye glasses or contacts.

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There are many reasons that one might need to see an ophthalmologist. Nearly all of them are because of a change in your vision, or a pain in one of your eyes. The evaluation will usually begin with an interview about the symptoms you have been having. The doctor will test your vision using a Snellen chart (with the big and small letters and numbers). You will have your eyes examined with an ophthalmoscope (instrument to look inside the eyes). Sometimes, the doctor will place a medicated eye drop in your eyes to dilate your pupils. This makes it easier for him or her to look at the back of your eyes. Finally, the doctor may order some imaging of your head such as an MRI. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist. I would also suggest that you bring someone with you to your appointment that can drive you home in case the doctor decides to dilate your pupils with an eye drop. This type of medication takes a few hours to where off and can sometimes make your vision blurry. Good luck with your evaluation.

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