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"What will doctors ask me about at my ophthalmic pathology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will doctors ask me about at my ophthalmic pathology follow up?


Why is a follow up necessary? Shouldn't they know whether everything went all right?


Absolutely they should know if things went alright. In fact typically any surgeon who operates or performs a procedure comes out and talks to the patient or the patients family afterwards to let them know how the procedure went. This is common practice, and integral to maintaining the open channels of communication which are the foundation through which the trust in a doctor patient relationship are built. This doesn't change the fact that it is good practice to set up a post-Op appointment to check on progress. I can't speak directly to your situation, since I don't have your medical information, but I am assuming that you had some sort of a procedure done. It can take a while to heal from surgery (or smaller procedures), and the post-Op course can be variable between patients. What I mean by this is every patient is a little different from the next, and similar procedures performed on two different patients can have much different post-operative courses. This doesn't mean that your surgeon can't give you general expectations as to how most people respond to a procedure, but there are always individuals who fall outside of the "average course", and it is important to see patients more than just the day of the procedure to make sure that things are healing appropriately. Furthermore if there was a biopsy performed during a surgical procedure, it can take a number of days (sometimes 5-7) for the pathologists to analyze the tissue and give a final report. So rather than just give potentially sensitive results over the phone, it is sometimes best to do it in person where it is easier to answer questions that may arise. I would recommend that you ask the ophthalmologist who performed your procedure why you have a follow-up set up, and what to expect at that meeting. I wish you all the best.

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