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"What will a ophthalmologic electrophysiology evaluation tell me about my retina?"


What happens if there's something wrong with my retina?


Ophthalmologic electrophysiology testing is useful in providing information about a variety of retinal diseases. Depending on your clinical situation, your ophthalmologist may determine the need for different testing. For example, one of the tests that maybe recommended, is electroretinography, electrodes placed on the eye and skin near the eye, while you are given visual stimuli can provide information about the activity of retinal cells.

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Thus it can help diagnose retinal disorders due to toxins, high drug doses that can damage the retina, trauma and foreign bodies,and other diseases of the retinal vessels. This type of testing is done in specialized centers and can provide information beyond what a clinical eye examination can provide. However, it would be valuable to seek an opthalmologic consultation to discuss your symptoms. Your doctor can take a good detailed history of your symptoms, and accordingly, can counsel you on the reasons for your symptoms, the testing to further evaluate the cause of your symptoms. Thus, your doctor can help direct treatment, and explain whether or not there is a problem with your retina and if specialized testing is warranted. It would also be useful to write down what your symptoms are, when they occur, and if any exposures (bright light, etc) worsen your symptoms and bring them to your next doctor's visit.

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