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"Can I have my wisdom teeth removed without having an oral surgery consultation?"


Why is the consultation required? I know what they're going ot do. They're going to take out my wisdom teeth.


The reason for the initial consultation is likely because these consultations help the dentist evaluate your medical history, obtain some imaging and lab studies to plan out the procedure prior to having your wisdom teeth pulled. They will likely ask you about allergies to medications and any other prior dental work that you may have had done. It is recommended that you discuss any concerns that you have with your oral surgeon or dentist during this initial consultation as this is part of the reason that an initial consultation is required.

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Questions such as how much pain medication will I receive after the procedure and how long does the procedure take are common questions that are asked. It is advisable that you attend your preliminary consultation as this will become the information shared between you and the physician will be very important to allow for a smooth procedure when you have your wisdom teeth pulled.

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