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"What procedures require an oral surgery follow up?"


Is having a tooth replaced one of those types of surgery?


As you are aware, the type of procedure that you have done will dictate the need for follow up, and each of these situations is somewhat dictated on a case by case basis. For most people, removal of a single tooth for normal reasons would not necessarily require a follow up with your oral surgeon. There are, however, many caveats.

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By having an open conversation with your surgeon, you should be able to understand what is expected and what to expect. If there are concerning features or if your doctor is worried about some details of the procedure, you may be asked to return. Alternatively, some physicians feel that they should follow up with every patient after every procedure to make sure that all is well. Because there is so much variation, both by patient and by surgeon, the best thing to do is to speak with your doctor. His or her office generally can tell you what to expect and at least give you some idea of why he or she does or does not want to visit with you after having your tooth removed.

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