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"What will the doctor talk about during my orbital disease follow up?"


Shouldn't everything have been covered during my consultation?


The topics that are addressed during your consultation will primarily resolve around the main issue that has brought you to see your doctor, but any other orbital disease topics are certainly fair game during the visit. This meeting is your chance to discuss any concerning symptoms that you may have, and to determine a possible treatment course after arranging and reviewing any necessary testing to establish a diagnosis. More specifics about what the visit will cover are difficult to provide without some knowledge about what disease process is occurring in the area.

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A physical examination, including specialized equipment that can be used to examine the eye closely, is a generally a principal part of the follow up as well. This is usually necessary to determine if the disease is progressing. Depending on what was covered during your first appointment, your doctor may feel that the initial therapy needs to be altered, or, alternatively, that more testing is needed. If there is something that you feel needs to be covered with regards to your orbital disease, then it is hoped and even expected that you will discuss these with your doctor at the time of your visit. Please be open about your concerns with your doctor, and address them as needed.

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