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"Should I still have a pain in my eye after my orbital disease follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I still have a pain in my eye after my orbital disease follow up?


I still have pain in my eye after my follow up. Is this normal? I am 30, had an orbital tumor removded. Doesn't seem like I shold still have pain.


Sorry to hear that you are having pain after your tumor removal. This is a great question, as it is one that is asked frequently in post-operative patients after many different types of surgeries. The best person to answer this question for you is the ophthalmologist who performed your surgery. They will be familiar with important information about you such as when your surgery was done, how extensive it was, location, etc. T here are multiple factors that affect pain after surgery, and a good exam, and history are paramount in figuring out what is expected, and what seems to be more than would be expected at that time period. As you are well aware, any type of surgical manipulation within the body, including the orbit, has an inflammatory reaction as part of the healing process. This inflammation is typically what either causes an irritative environment for pain fibers (nerves), or causes pressure on the nerves. Depending on the location and blood flow to an area, inflammation can take a very long time to completely resolve. However, generally speaking, the farther out from your surgery and more time you have had to heal, the less pain you should have. For this reason sometimes it is the trend in pain resolution rather than the pain quantity at any given time that is more important to follow. I would definitely recommend that you discuss this with your surgeon. Best of luck.

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