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"Should I have a pacemaker checkup before traveling?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I have a pacemaker checkup before traveling?


I am leaving for Australia for a month and should maybe have a checkup, even thgh it's ont time for my regular checkup yet. Does this sound right?


In most instances, traveling is not an indication to have your pacemaker checked out. For the most part, these highly sophisticated devices are able to function on their own with out a checkup for long periods of time. The only thing you should definitely know is that you should bring with you your pacemaker card that says that you have an implanted device and it's model. This way airport security can scan you with a different metal detector. If you do not have that card, you should call your cardiologist's office right away to get one. One key exception my previous answer is if you are currently having unusual symptoms. If you are having heart palpitations, episodes of lightheadedness, or if you have passed out recently, then you should definitely have you pacemaker interogated by a pacemaker computer before you go on your trip. I suggest that you give your electrophysiology cardiologist a call. You may need to schedule an appointment to talk to him or her directly. Make sure that it is okay for you to travel out of the country. In addition, ask him or her to explain any important information with regards to airport security before you get on the plane. Good luck.

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