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"Will I get a pain medication prescription after having my wisdom teeth removed?"


I am having myw isdom teeth removed. What type of pain mediciation, if any, will I be given?


Generally, prior to the procedure you may receive some IV or oral anesthesia to achieve some conscious sedation. The dentist will then inject numbing medication into the gums to achieve local anesthesia. The combination of these two pain medications should be enough to help alleviate the majority of the pain that you feel during the procedure.

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After the procedure, you can feel pain for up to one week, and for this reason, you are usually given a prescription for oral pain medications such as vicodin or percocet. The important thing to remember about pain medications is that it is far more difficult to treat pain when it gets out of control, so taking pain medication early on when you feel the pain is starting to pick up is much better in controlling pain than allowing the pain to become far worse and out of control. This also allows for you to take less pain medication and therefore keeps your overall pain level at a stable level. Tylenol and is an excellent pain medication for treatment of pain after removal of wisdom teeth. Ask your dentist about taking NSAIDs and aspirin after your procedure as there is an increased risk for bleeding assocuated with these medications.

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