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"When are pain medicine follow ups suggested?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen are pain medicine follow ups suggested?


The prescription I was given for a back injury turned out to be more than enough. Should I bother with the followup?


It is very good news that the medication is helping you with the pain. It is still recommended that you continue to be evaluated by the pain medicine doctor because it is likely that you will need to titrate your medication dosage to best treat your pain while minimizing the side effects that can be noted with over medication. For instance, drowsiness, lethargy, decreased respirations are some of the effects of over medicating with certain pain medications. The pain medicine doctor is the best person to evaluate the type of pain that you are having and what will be the best type of pain medicines to help alleviate that pain. Certain types of pain respond better to different types of pain medications, and so it is important that you discuss the type of pain you are having, the effects you are having from the current medication regimen and what pain symptoms you are still having. Generally, pain medicine management is a long term practice because pain is very difficult to treat when it becomes chronic. Discuss these concerns you have with your pain management physician as you feel you need because that will be the best way to adequately manage your pain

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