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"What will doctors ask me at my pain medicine follow up?"


I would like to know the type of questions to expect. I am feeling good.


If you are being followed by a pain medicine specialist, then you should expect to answer a variety of questions pertaining to the condition requiring the anti-pain medications. Your doctor will ask you about the overall progress made with the medications that you are taking for your painful condition. You will probably be asked about any variations in the level of your pain based on the time of day, in relation to the intake of the medications, and what conditions make your pain better or worse.

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You should also expect that your doctor will ask you about any potential side effects of the medications you have been prescribed. Pain specialists often use strong narcotic medications which can have side effects of constipation, dry mouth, and altered mental status. Additionally, you may be asked about your opinion on what can be changed in your medication regimen to help improve the overall control of your pain. Importantly, it is good to remember to write down any questions that you may have about your condition or your medications prior to your appointment, so that you do not forget to ask your doctor. You should also remember to bring a complete list of the medications that you are currently taking.

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