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"Does removing my wisdom teeth involve a pain medicine injection?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes removing my wisdom teeth involve a pain medicine injection?


Or is it a gas, general or local..? I am a 28 year old female. What is the normal procedure?


There are a number of options available for anesthesia for wisdom teeth. The most common is probably general anesthesia using injected sedatives which will put you to sleep and prevent you from remembering anything about the operation. Gas or nitric oxide anesthesia is also a possibility, although it is less commonly used in this era. Local anesthesia using lidocaine injections into the gums to numb the teeth is usually used as an adjunct therapy to one of the former two options, since it can provide long-lasting pain relief but often does not provide complete enough pain relief for wisdom tooth extraction (additionally, even if you are numb, it does not prevent you from experiencing often unpleasant pulling / yanking sensations). You should ask your dentist what his or her practice is, and plan to have a ride home from someone else following your procedure.

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