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"Are pain reduction exercises beneficial to athletes?"


I am a 23 year old rugby player and usually end up pretty beaten up. Should I look into pain reduction exercises? Which ones?


Things to consider include have you had any recent injuries, bruises, broken bones, or traumatic brain injuries? Any issues with loss of memory, or loss of consciousness? It is important that you discuss the answers to these questions along with your medical history and presenting symptoms with your primary care doctor who will decide upon the appropriate work up if needed. They may also decide to refer you to a specialist if deemed medically necessary. There are a great deal of stretching exercises, such as yoga poses and a variety of other stretches that may be beneficial before vigorous activity to protect your muscles from worsened damage.

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Other pain reduction techniques include acupuncture, ice or heat pads, epidural steroid injections, massage therapy along with other options. Your doctor can give you some recommendations for pain control as well as prescribe pain medications that can help you with the pain you are feeling. In rough sports such as rugby where there is a risk for traumatic brain injury. it is important that you protect yourself with helmets and avoid having trauma to the head as these can lead to long term deficits. Your PCP is the best person to discuss these issues with.

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