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"Is a pathology consultation needed for those with lung disease?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a pathology consultation needed for those with lung disease?


My daughter is having lung problems and we're not really sure what's going on, but is this the right place for just a genreal pathology consultation? Im pretty confused about the next step or who to go to.


In today's world, there is so many different medical specialties, it is hard to tell which type of doctor takes care of which type of patient. A general pathologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing diseases based on body tissue samples either by looking at them under the microscope, or by running advanced laboratory tests. Most general pathologists rarely see patients except when a patient requests to speak to that doctor about their pathologic diagnosis. Thus, your daughter should not need to see a general pathologist. If your daughter is having breathing problems, she should be brought to her pediatrician first so that a general doctor can examine her and determine whats wrong. This should be your next step. I suggest that you start by scheduling an appointment for your daughter to see her pediatrician. He or she can ask you about the symptoms that your daughter is having and perform a thorough physical exam. If your daughter is having symptoms consistent with asthma, then her doctor may send her for pulmonary function testing or refer her to a pediatric pulmonologist. If her pediatrician is certain of a diagnosis and is comfortable with treatment, then she may not need any referrals. Good luck.

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