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"At what age should I take my child for a pediatric allergy consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersAt what age should I take my child for a pediatric allergy consultation?


How can I test my son for allergies? He doesn't seem completely health (snifling, cough sometimes) but I don?t wantto jump the gun.


Concerns about your child's health can be very worrisome for parents. The best place to start when considering a consultation with a specialist of any kind is with your child's regular pediatrician. He or she can put your child's symptoms in the context of his overall health and development, as well as any new changes in his life. In many cases, a pediatrician can also help facilitate specialist consultation by making recommendations as well as making sure any consultants receive copies of your son's previous medical records. In some cases, pediatricians can also order initial tests that are likely to be helpful in further evaluating your son's case. When it comes to allergies, evaluating whether or not your child should be seen by a specialist can depend on his age. Younger children are more prone to develop colds causing the sniffles because of their more immature immune systems. Again, your pediatrician can be very helpful in assessing whether or not your son's specific symptoms seem out of proportion for his age and overall health. In addition, it is also important to know that many medications used to treat allergy symptoms are now available over the counter. In some cases, a medication trial as supervised by your pediatrician can clear up mild symptoms without even requiring an allergist visit.

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