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"Should my kid have a pediatric allergy consultation if they keep sneezing in the spring?"


My child is about 6 months old and keeps sneezing now that it's spring. Should he see an allergist? Or is it way too early?


Children can suffer from seasonal allergies in the same way that adults do. The fact that your child's symptoms started in conjunction with the change in seasons that often leads to increased allergens in the environment is certainly consistent with the fact that he might be suffering from allergies. There are medication options for treating allergies in children, and some of them can even be used in children as young as your baby.

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However, as with many issues in pediatrics, the use of any medication can often require closer analysis to make sure that it is safe to give to a young child. The best place to start with your child is with his or her pediatrician. He or she can do a more thorough history and exam and place your child's new symptoms in the context of his or her development and environment. Depending on the outcome of that evaluation, it is possible that your pediatrician may be able to prescribe a medication option to help control your child's symptoms. You will be able to discuss the risks and benefits of medications in a young child with the doctor who knows you and your family the best. If it seems that a referral to a specialist is warranted, your doctor can also help facilitate this referral.

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