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"Will a pediatric allergy follow up alert me to child's allergies?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a pediatric allergy follow up alert me to child's allergies?


What will they tell me about allergic reactions?


A pediatric allergy follow up is usually the visit to the pediatric allergist after your initial visit or after allergy testing. At this visit, you will get the results of any tests that were done. If you have not seen the allergist yet, then your first visit will be composed of the doctor getting a history of your child's symptoms and putting together a diagnostic and treatment plan. Most of the time, pediatric allergists are consulted when a child has an allergic reaction that is unexplained, or the source is unknown. The allergist can provide a few important services. First, he or she will be able to determine if your child is actually having allergic reactions, and not some other condition that looks like allergies. Second, the allergist can perform allergy testing to see what agent your child is allergic to. Finally, he or she can recommend advanced treatment for what ever allergies you have. I suggest that you schedule that appointment with your child's pediatric allergist. Bring with you a list of questions that you have. Sometimes when you're in the room with the doctor it is easy to forget what you wanted to ask. Hopefully your child will start felling better soon. Good luck.

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