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"What is the right age for the first pediatric dental cleaning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the right age for the first pediatric dental cleaning?


My daughter is 15 months and hasn't been yet. Is it really necessary at this point.


It is recommended that your daughter visit with a pediatric dentist now. The standing recommendation from the various dental organizations is that all children should be screened and seen by a dentist within the first year of life. A large part of this original appointment is to discuss appropriate prophylactic steps that can be taken to improve the oral care of your child. Additionally, potential problem areas, such as sleeping with a bottle or drinking too much juice, can be addressed before they lead to long term complications. For that reason, as well as to begin to help your child in feeling comfortable visiting with the dentist for the rest of her life, it would be recommended for you to have her see a pediatric dentist soon. A pediatric dentist will likely provide an enhanced experience for your child, with a more kid-friendly ambiance and even staff that are better prepared to deal with children in the sometimes scary world of regular oral hygiene. Your primary care doctor and websites such as ZocDoc will help you to obtain the name and references of an appropriate and board certified dentist that will help your child to look forward to taking care of her teeth.

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