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"Is an ear ache cause for a pediatric emergency consultation?"


My daughter kept screaming because her ear hurts. I took her to the doctor immediately. Was this enough? How can I help her feel better before getting to the doctor next time?


Any time your child develops symptoms that are very concerning to you, you should always schedule a same day appointment with your child's pediatrician right away. Most pediatrician offices will have an urgent care that will allow you to see a doctor the same day. This prevents you from having to go to an emergency room in the middle of the day for what may just be an ear infection.

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There are of course instances when your daughter would need emergency care. If she were injured in some way that resulted in bleeding, lots of pain, or loss of or change in consciousness, this should prompt you to go the emergency room. If she begins running a very high fever and becomes difficult to arouse, you should go to the emergency room. There are other instances as well that you can review with her doctor. It sounds like you responded to this ear ache appropriately by taking your daughter to her pediatricians office. This should probably be your response in the future. To discuss this issue further, I suggest that you schedule an appointment for your daughter with her pediatrician. At that visit, ask the pediatrician what instances warrant a pediatric emergency consultation. I hope she feels better.

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