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"Is a pediatric eye consultation necessary if a child is squinting?"


My son is 5 and squinting. I don't want to overreact but it is concerning.


Has your son noticed problems with seeing things far away, and has this something that has occurred recently or something that is continuing to progress? If there is a concern that your child's eyesight is decreasing, it would be prudent to be evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist as it is not uncommon that young children may need glasses or other corrective eyewear at young ages. Is there any family history of vision problems? Does you son have any other complaints regarding his eyes? It is advisable that you be evaluated by your pediatric ophthalmologist as he or she may need to work this up further. Based on your child's eye exam and medical history, he or she may decide that corrective eyewear is necessary, which will hopefully help your child if there are some problems with his vision.

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Generally, children tolerate glasses well, although it is important to discuss it with them and to explain the importance of them wearing their glasses to help them with seeing things at a distance. Many times, children's eyeglasses and frames are made specially to be break resistant as children may be more rough with their glasses than others.

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