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"How can I remove brown spots on my face"


After years of sun worship, and of course age, I have numerous brown spots (large) on my face. Are there any home remedy recommendations out there on how to remove them on my own without having to incur significant procedural costs from a dermotologist?


Unfortunately, there are not any effective home remedies to remove age blemishes and other forms of sun damage. There are many home remedies that are on the market, but most of these do not work very well and can be quite expensive. One important thing you can do at home is prevent further sun damage.

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You can do this by wearing sun screen at all times, and never tanning or exposing yourself to direct sunlight for long periods of time. This is important to preserve the look of your skin but, more importantly, because of the skin cancer risks associated with sun damage to the skin. I would suggest going to see a dermatologist. The main role of the dermatologist is to make sure that none of the spots you have on your skin could be concerning for a cancerous or precancerous spot. If there is a suspicious spot, there are several techniques that are used to remove these spots, including freezing or directly cutting out the spots. Even your dermatologist will not be able to do much about the existing sun damage, however they will at least be able periodically to keep an eye on these areas to make sure they do not turn into cancer.

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