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"Should I schedule a pediatric follow up for my daughter's sprained ankle?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I schedule a pediatric follow up for my daughter's sprained ankle?


My daughter sprained her ankle on the playground and we had it treated. Will I need to bring her back to make sure it's healed properly?


A sprained ankle can be frustrating and it is wonderful that you have already seen a physician to evaluate her ankle. If her ankle injury was just a mild sprain with relatively rapid healing, you may not need to seek more specialized care. If the sprain was more substantial and your daughter is still in pain or there is any deformity of her ankle, you should consider follow up with an orthopedist or sports medicine specialist. Your daughter's pediatrician can help you decide if further consultation is recommended. In general, mild ankle sprains heal in a relatively uncomplicated manner and no significant follow up is required. It is recommended that your daughter should not be involved in strenuous physical activity until her ankle has completed healed and she has no pain at all with movement. If recuperation occurs as expected, it is rare for a follow up x-ray to be required as there are usually no radiologic findings in an isolated ankle sprain that need to be followed. If there are any concerns for abnormal or incomplete healing, a further evaluation may be necessary. You should follow up with your pediatrician to ensure complete healing of her ankle sprain and that no further follow up is required.

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