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"Will they tell us how many chemo treatments my daughter will need at her pediatric oncology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill they tell us how many chemo treatments my daughter will need at her pediatric oncology follow up?


How long does chemo last when it's for childhod luekemia?


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis in a child is a very challenging situation for parents. You should make sure that you trust her oncologist and feel that you can ask all of your questions. The oncologist will be the primary physician helping your daughter and your family through the cancer treatment and follow-up. Overall, the treatment plan for your daughter will depend on exactly what kind of leukemia she has. In general, for most leukemias there are standard treatment protocols based on the results of many studies that show which drugs in which combinations and for how long give the best outcomes. In addition, her overall treatment plan will depend on how well she responds to each stage of the chemotherapy. In general, many pediatric leukemias are treated with what is called induction chemotherapy first--this refers to several chemotherapy drugs given together for a period of several days (sometimes several weeks). The goal of this so-called induction is to destroy as many of the luekemic cells as possible. However, in the process patients can become very immunocompromised which requires them to be admitted to the hospital for the entire course of treatment. Further rounds of chemotherapy are often not quite as intensive. Your oncology follow-up appointment is the perfect time to clarify the details of exactly what treatment protocol your daughter will receive.

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