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"Can a pediatric orthopedics consultation help my knock-kneed daughter?"


I don't want the improper gait to injure her spine down the road.


While it is valuable and important that you are concerned about your daughter's gait and her knock knees, it is important to know how old she is before you rush off to visit an orthopedic surgeon. Your primary care doctor can often coordinate these questions effectively, and can determine at what point your child may actually need a consultation to orthopedics. The primary reason that this is able to be followed by a primary care doctor is because of the normal variations that can occur in the alignment of a child.

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During normal growth and development, there are times when the alignment of the hips, pelvis, and lower extremities will make it more likely that your daughter has a slight knock kneed appearance. This generally will resolve by itself at or before the age of seven. Until that time, it is common for the alignment to shift as the bones grow at different rates. If you are concerned, it is always appropriate to speak with your primary care doctor about your concerns. If you still feel that you have further questions after that, speaking with a specialist may be necessary and can often be arranged by your primary care doctor. Please speak to him or her.

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