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"Will pediatric physical therapy help my son walk on his own?"

ZocdocAnswersWill pediatric physical therapy help my son walk on his own?


Right now he needs to use crutches because his left leg is weaker. How effective is physical therapy?


Physical therapy is a vital part of any treatment regimen designed to help patients recover their full function or at least obtain as much as possible. While it is often only a part of the treatment, it is essential that your son continue to work with the therapists as directed by his doctor. Physical therapy offers the strengthening and conditioning exercises that are necessary to overcome whatever limitations may be affecting your son currently, but it is important to note that the results are often slow to come. The results are slow for the same reason that results are slow for the rest of us when we are trying to gain strength, muscle mass, or even lose weight: the body responds to appropriate stress and stimuli by becoming stronger. Your physical therapist is able to tailor the sessions to an individual regimen that will hopefully allow your son the greatest degree of mobility in the future. If you feel that you are having difficulty attending all of the sessions, or have other concerns about the need for physical therapy, please discuss these with the doctor or doctors who are helping your son with his medical condition. They will be able to address your concerns and provide some outline for anticipated recovery and prognosis.

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