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"Will they draw blood from my daughter at her pediatric pre-surgery consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWill they draw blood from my daughter at her pediatric pre-surgery consultation?


It is for tonsillitis. She is afraid of needles and I will have to talk to her beforehand if so.


It is understandable that your daughter is anxious and afraid of needles - it is a common pediatric concern. It is possible that your Ear-Nose-Throat physician may obtain blood work at this visit. If you would like to be 100% sure prior to your visit for the consultation, you should contact the office and ask what the usual procedure is for blood work prior to surgery. It is common to obtain basic screening lab work prior to a planned surgery. These laboratory tests usually look at blood counts, blood clotting factors, and blood type. These tests are often obtained shortly before the planned surgery so if your consultation is still a few months prior to the planned surgery date, you may be advised to have the blood work drawn at a later time. If you are going to a pediatric clinic for the consultation, it is possible that the phlebotomist (the person who draws blood) is trained in working with children and may be able to make the experience somewhat more manageable. Again, it is extremely likely that your daughter will need some kind of screening blood work done prior to her surgery, but you should talk to your physician to determine the exact timing of when the blood will be drawn.

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