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"Is a pediatric surgery consultation meant more for the parent or the child?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a pediatric surgery consultation meant more for the parent or the child?


Both? I want to make sure my daughter understands everything that will happen. She will probably have nerve repair surgery soon, 8 years old.


A pediatric surgery consultation is definitely meant for both the parent and the child. There will be components of this consultation that are meant specifically for the child, and meant specifically for you. From the child's perspective, it will be necessary for her to meet the surgeon and any other staff members that will be a part of her care. In addition, the doctor's explanation of what is planned will be important for her to hear. At the age of 8, there is much she will be able to understand and should know about before undergoing the operation. Finally, the surgeon and/or the surgeons assistants will need to examine your daughter at this consultation. From the parent's perspective, this appointment will be your chance to learn about all the risks and potential benefits that the operation carries. This is important because you ultimately must decide whether or not she has the procedure. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your surgeon. I would also suggest that you bring with you another adult to the consultation to have another set of ears to listen to all the information (which can be overwhelming). This way you walk away with all the information you need.

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