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"Will they check my daughter over at her pediatric surgery follow up?"


She just had an appendectomy. Is the follow up mostly a talk or will tests be performed as well?


Post-surgical follow-up appointments are an essential part of any surgical care. They exist for two primary functions: 1) to assess for success of the operation or intervention and 2) to look for complications. Appendectomies are among the most common emergent pediatrics surgeries.

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In the case of your daughter, the surgeons will likely ask a number of questions to assess her bowel function, as well as for the presence of any residual infection. They will also undoubtedly to a brief exam of the abdomen to look for any residual pain or tenderness, as well as to assess for good wound healing and good cosmetic outcome. If there are concerning features, they may want additional investigations such as x-rays or blood work, but these are not part of a routine follow-up for an appendectomy. I would very much encourage you to go to your post-appendectomy follow-up, as complications from surgeries are specific to the individual and the type of surgery performed, and your surgeons may be able to detect subtle evidence of infection or complications that may not be immediately evident to you. Appendectomies are among the safest and most common surgeries in patients of this age, but your follow-up is an essential part of ensuring a successful and safe outcome.

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