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"Is a pediatric urology consultation a good idea if my daughter keeps wetting the bed?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a pediatric urology consultation a good idea if my daughter keeps wetting the bed?


Is this something she'll grow out of? She is already 8. Sshouldn't this stop?


That is a great question. There are a number of causes for children to wet the bed and it is likely that your pediatrician would be a good starting point to see what the possible causes could be before sending her to a pediatric urologist. Does this happen every night or just on occasion? Has your daughter had any stressful experiences in her life recently? Have you had another child recently? Does your child have any complaint of burning or pain with urination? These are important things to consider and discuss with your pediatrician when you visit with regards to her bed wetting. The answers to these questions, along with a full physical exam and history will help your pediatrician decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include lab tests and perhaps to referral to a specialist. As mentioned before, children have many causes for bed wetting that may last later than average. One possibility is that this could be totally normal, although there are other more concerning causes for this that should be evaluated by a pediatrician, who will best be able to decide upon whether there is any further medical work up necessary and whether consultations would be warranted.

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