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"Should my autistic son have a physiatry consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersShould my autistic son have a physiatry consultation?


Will it help him interact with others?


Physiatry is a very good option for your autistic son, but before we get into the specifics it is important to consider some of the following questions. What are the main symptoms your son has had with regards to his autism? Does your son have difficulty with speech or motor movements more? These are questions to consider and discuss with your son's pediatrician because he or she will be able to evaluate your son's medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam and decide upon the appropriate treatment options and consultations to help improve the symptoms that your son is having from his autism. It is important that your pediatrician evaluates your son because he or she will be best able to decide upon the consultations required, as well as be the focal point that coordinates the treatment from these various consultations. Pediatricians are very skilled at coordinating care to best improve your child's symptoms and issues related to his autism. That being said, physiatry is an excellent form of therapy for autistic children, and so it is likely that your pediatrician will suggest this or agree with this option when you discuss it.

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