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"Will a physiatry follow up tell my uncle more about his stroke?"


I am told physiatrists can help stroke patients. He is having trouble talking and it is clearly frustrating him.


Physiatrists are specialist in the movement and function of the body. Also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist (or PMR specialist), these doctors work with patients who have physical abnormalities. As you mention, these doctor can certainly help stroke patients.

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I would recommend that he keep his appointment. PMR specialists are very helpful with stroke patients. They work with physical therapists, speech therapists and swallow therapists to help a patient's physical function. They often help drastically with the physical recovery. While a neurologist (brain doctor) takes for the stroke itself and preventing further damage, the physiatrist will help more with practical recovery. Therefore, to answer your question, the physiatrist will help with practical aspects of your uncle's recovery. The physiatrist would be helpful in speech therapy by coordinating with a speech therapist. In addition, some medications can be helpful. For physical problems, they coordinate with physical therapists and home safety assessors to allow for a transition back to as much function as possible. If you require more information regarding the stroke itself, the neurologist would likely be more helpful. A physiatry evaluation would be helpful. He or she can help determine how much follow up would be beneficial for your uncle's condition. Good luck!

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