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"Is a physical therapy consultation good for the mind as well as the body?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a physical therapy consultation good for the mind as well as the body?


I am a 28 year old male, recent car accident surviver, worried physicall therapy won't help me mentally. Should I see a psychologist too?


Physical therapy is a wonderful treatment for disorders of movement. This treatment works to help coordination, strength, balance and overall mobility. While there certainly is a mind to body connection, it is unlikely that physical therapy will drastically help you mental health. I would strongly recommend that if you are experiencing mental health issues that you see a psychologist. If you have any questions, it would be advisable to see your primary care doctor who can look at your situation in more detail and determine the best specialist (if any) you should see. The mind body connection is well known. People who are physically ill can become mentally ill as well. For example, after broken leg or heart attack, people often experience depression. By improving there physical ability, they often feel better about themselves and their mental health improves. However, most cases of mental illness or troubles are related to the mind alone. We know that there can be chemical imbalances in the brain that cause people to have mental illnesses, regardless of there physical well being. While it may be helpful for your overall well being to improve your physical activity, I think a psychologist can be helpful for the mental health. Talk to your primary doctor for more information.

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