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"Will a physical therapy follow up provide me with a regimen?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a physical therapy follow up provide me with a regimen?


Are there exercises I should do outside of therapy? Who determines what they are? Should I do research?


Physical therapy, or PT, is the specialty associated with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and its interaction with physical movement. The goal of physical therapy is the restoration of maximal functional independence to each patient. Physical therapists use various modalities to achieve this goal such as exercise, massage, electricity, and heat and cold. Your physical therapist will discuss your goals with you and arrange a treatment plan to accomplish these goals. This almost always includes a regimen of exercises and stretching movements that you are expected to do at home between your sessions. This is often just as important as the work that you do at your sessions. Please talk to your primary care doctor or specialist, who can recommend a physical therapist that would be appropriate for you to see for your specific condition. You usually need a prescription for physical therapy. You may also do research on which facility or therapist you would be most comfortable with. I also recommend that you do research on your specific condition that you will be treated for as knowledge is very important, not only in the treatment of your current condition, but also in the prevention of further injury or aggravation of your symptoms.

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