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"Should I exercise before my physical therapy follow up?"


I want the excercise to actually reflect where I am. Male, age 41. Hit by car recently, not to bad, still need PT.


The purpose of physical therapy after you have had an accident is to accelerate healing and to re-strengthen muscles that have been become weakened because of inactivity. The physical therapy that you receive will help you get back on your feet quicker than you would have otherwise. Often the point of the visits is for you to learn the type of exercises that you will need to continue doing at home to finish your therapy.

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Some people who are undergoing physical therapy for a car accident are still injured at the time of when they start therapy. For these people, exercising on their own may not be recommended because it could result in greater injury. For most people in which there was no significant injury in the accident, exercising on their own is fine. This should be a call made by your doctor and your physical therapist. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Explain to your doctor that you want to start exercising prior to your PT follow up. As long as you do not have any major injuries that are still healing, your doctor will likely let you go ahead and exercise prior to your physical therapy follow up.

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