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"Can plastic surgery permanently scar my face?"

ZocdocAnswersCan plastic surgery permanently scar my face?


I am a 24 year old woman and I want a face lift. Is there a chance it can scar my face? How common are the worst case scenarios?


You asked a couple different questions, and I will address them all separately. However I will start out by saying that I recommend that you set up a consultation with a facial plastics surgeon. They will be able to evaluate you, and address any specific questions that you have about your face, and what procedures they think may benefit you (and what procedures they don't think will benefit you). Also let me start out by saying that typically face lifts are performed on women in the mid to later decades of their lives due to multiple factors including some loss of the elasticity in the skin of the face. Typically the changes in the skin of the face that result in drooping or sagging do not happen in the earlier decades. So it would be atypical for someone aged 24 to need a facelift (this is of course a general statement, and one that is made without the benefit of being able to examine you personally). Now to address your questions...anytime that an incision is made, even by a plastic surgeon, it heals with a scar. Facial plastics surgeons are therefore trained in techniques to minimize scar, and hide incisions as best as possible (which is surgeon dependent). The "worse case scenarios" are also going to be surgeon dependent, but for any accomplished facial plastics surgeon should be relatively uncommon. Again, speak to a facial aesthetics practice for more information. I wish you all the best.

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