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"Are all plastic surgeries painful?"

ZocdocAnswersAre all plastic surgeries painful?


I get that they differ in recover time, but do any of them not involve quite so much pain?


Unfortunately, the short answer is that most surgeries involve some amount of pain. There are many ways to decrease the pain, including local and general anesthesia during the procedure and pain medications after the procedure is complete. As a general rule, larger procedures generally tend to involve a greater deal of pain while smaller procedures tend to be less painful. Again, this is a general rule and there are exceptions in both categories. Plastic surgery is similar to all other surgeries in that this rule generally holds up. In terms of smaller procedures, things like botox and minimally invasive surgeries generally don't involve as much pain as a large reconstruction flap or anastamosis. The recovery for these procedures are also very different. It is for this reason that you discuss any procedure that you have with your surgeon prior to undergoing said procedure. Questions like how will the pain be managed prior to, during, and after surgery are all relevant and appropriate questions that you should ask your plastic surgeon. if you are very concerned about postoperative pain, consider being evaluated by a pain specialist prior to your procedure, they are also very good at controlling your pain after surgery, etc

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