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"Will I look better after plastic surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I look better after plastic surgery?


Does anyone ever look worse after? I'm female, age 52.


In general, the surgeons who perform these surgeries have been highly trained and have excellent outcomes that meet or exceed the expectations of their patients. Unfortunately, there are some situations where patients leave the treatment without being satisfied with the outcome. In many cases, this results from unrealistic expectations. While plastic surgeons can do excellent work and achieve excellent outcomes, there are very real obstacles that they face in their efforts, some of which are occasionally insurmountable. For that reason, a large part of what plastic surgeons do involves teaching patients about what is an appropriate expectation, and what potential challenges or even complications should be anticipated. It is common for surgeons to take before and after pictures, as many patients fail to realize the drastic results that they had hoped for, and need to be reminded about what their baseline was in order to see the improvement. In general, subtle improvements are often the best, as they do not draw attention to the fact that surgery has been performed at all. Please speak with your plastic surgeon about options, concerns, and outcomes.

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